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Candidate Testimonials

Please take a moment to see what our candidate-partners think about us!

“Peter (Selective Search) called me and it all worked out brilliantly in the end!  He had a position he was recruiting for at The Coca-Cola Company.  We sat down and talked about what my needs and wants were in a position, as well as my short and long-term career goals.  It ended up that the position at Coke was not the best fit for me at that time.  Peter has great contacts in the industry and so he then made a call to a particular company that he thought would be a great fit and would meet my needs.  He was right!  I interviewed with the company and within two weeks from my initial interview I had a new job.

This was the first time I’ve ever worked with a recruiter so I didn’t know what to expect.  It was so easy....Peter took care of everything!  He spent enough time with me, but didn’t waste my time.  We talked a lot on the phone.  Peter fully understood I could not talk freely at work and was very open to calling me at home.  Everything worked out beautifully!”

Alan Skelton, Senior Consultant
Big 4 Consulting Firm

“Selective Search is proactive in its candidate search!  Peter Weprinsky contacted me because he had a particular job that he thought would be a perfect fit for my skills.  Selective Search’s preparation is extensive and helpful.  Peter spent a lot of face-time with me.  The comprehensive self-profiling was a very helpful exercise.  After my preliminary interview with the company, there was good follow-up and follow-through on Peter’s part.  It’s a well-done process and I had a terrific experience with Selective Search.  I would highly recommend Selective Search to anyone looking for a quality IT recruiting firm.”

Tim Twomey, Internal Audit Manager
Fortune 50 Manufacturer

“I wasn’t looking for a job but I was open to opportunities when Selective Search called me.  They were working with someone at my (former) company who had given them my name.  We met and talked about what I wanted, what I was looking for in a career, and several other questions.  I had also told them that I was interested in a job on the West Coast.  I was most impressed with the way they listened.  They are truly good listeners and took the time to evaluate my needs and the needs of companies and found a good fit for me.  Selective Search was working with a North Carolina-based company that had a position available in Seattle and it was a perfect fit.  Working with Selective Search was a very positive experience for me.”

Janet Guerrero, Systems Engineer
SAS Institute

“Selective Search sought me out!  They worked hard to find the right company for me, matching my skill set and interests.  They really took the time to get to know me.  The Selective Search staff is very professional and it was a pleasurable experience.  Not only did they take the time to find me the right job, but they were creative in getting me what I needed.  I was a little reluctant to leave my previous company because of my benefits, including stock options, but they worked with me and my new employer to come up with a balanced choice.  I’m very happy where I am and glad I made the move!”

Mark Kostro, Senior QA Analyst
Health Watch

“I met Peter (Selective Search) through a friend of mine when I had just moved back to Atlanta.  This was the first time I’ve ever used a recruiter and my experience was quite good.  We sat down and reviewed what I was looking for in a job so that he could find me an exact fit.  Peter went over typical interview questions and even video taped the interviews to help me prepare.  I had a telephone interview with my new employer, as well as a face-to-face, and Peter worked with me throughout the process.”

Alan Herod, Software Engineer
Online Insight

 “Peter (Selective Search) was willing to work with me and really take the time to talk with me and successful companies to make the right placement.  I was moving back from working in England for three years and I talked to Peter about helping me find a job in Atlanta.  He had no positions that were ‘perfect’ for me at that time, however he talked to several of his Atlanta companies to find that perfect fit.  He does so much more than ‘fill orders.’  He placed me with a private company that in an 18 month period we increased sales from $500,000 to $7 million!  I’m now with a different company, and I’m a hiring manager and would definitely work with Selective Search.  They worked hard for me...and also worked with my wife to get her in front of more than a handful of quality companies.”

Kevin Phillips, CIO
ZapMedia, an eFortune 50 Company

“I had never worked with a search firm before Peter at Selective Search called me about a position.  They had an opportunity that matched my requirements and it has worked out perfectly!  Peter is very responsive and extremely courteous and professional.  Now I have the responsibility of hiring people and have already hired two very good people that Peter has sent to me.  Selective Search’s forte is matching skills with positions.  Peter sends only highly qualified people.  His screening process is excellent.  They know what to do and they do it!”

Dena Castellon
Quality Assurance & Customer Service Manager
Revenue Technologies

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