Selective Search Atlanta

Case Studies

Randy Smith, President of By Design Consulting, a software consulting group, initially worked with us as a candidate.  When Randy went out on his own to start a firm he remembered Selective Search and called on us for his company’s staffing needs.  His story follows.

“I’ve been in the computer consulting field since 1988.  I began as an auditor and learned early on that it wasn’t the career for me.  I worked with big firms in Atlanta and happened to be in an interesting place in my career when Peter called me.  I had never worked with a recruiter before...or even taken a call from one.  For some reason, that day, I took Peter’s call.

Peter had an interesting job at Arthur Andersen that he thought would be a good fit for me. I had actually worked for the company at another point in my career and in another area.   Peter set up the interview and I ended up landing the job.

Well, I’ve got entrepreneurship in my blood -- I come from a family of entrepreneurs -- and I decided after a while that what I really wanted was to start my own software consulting group.  By Design Consulting was founded in 1993 with one person - me.    I’m pleased to report that now By Design Consulting has 13 employees.  Selective Search has helped me grow my staff.  Because we had a good relationship, I turned to Peter to help me hire consultants when I needed top notch candidates.  I did not know anyone else in the recruiting business, and Peter had been so helpful in the past, so I also called on him when I needed an office manager.  That’s not a typical placement at Selective Search but Peter was happy to help.  Peter called me back with a strong candidate -- his own part-time office manager!  His office manager at that time wanted a full-time position and her skills and personality matched our company and its needs.  Peter unselfishly wanted to help her, as well as me, and it has worked out great!  I hope to work with Peter for all my staffing needs for many years!”

We are pleased to say that several of our candidate-partners become company-partners after they are placed in a new career position.  Steve Shelley, Manager of Software Development at iMedeon is one such example.  He contacted us a couple of years ago to ask for our help in his search.  We had known Steve for several years since we had actually placed his wife in a position 10 years before.  His story follows:

“When I called Peter we met and went over a detailed questionnaire so that he could get my background, my likes and my dislikes.  I’ve been in the IT field all my working life, since graduating from Georgia Tech.  I was fairly picky about where I wanted to go.  I knew I wanted a management position in a small pre-IPO product company.  Previously I worked in a consulting company and I knew that wasn’t where I needed to be.

As a candidate, I discovered that Selective Search really had an interest in my my long-term happiness and not just in placing me in a job.  Peter spent a lot of time with me coaching -- both generic for job interviews and specific for the particular company that he had found that seemed to be a good fit.  He really helped to prepare me for my interview.  I felt that he really cared and he was extremely thorough.  Because of his thoroughness, my current employer is the only company I interviewed with and that shows you how well Peter targets!

When I came on board at iMedeon as Manager of Software Development, I found myself in a position to be able to use Selective Search’s expertise to grow this company.  Two years ago there were approximately 20 staff members and today there are 60!  We’ve used Peter’s services to hire several of my peers and other staff.  I’ve enjoyed working with Peter on the company-side, too.

From the company perspective in working with Selective Search, I see many of the same qualities that I liked from the candidate side -- the thoroughness, the care and the help in all aspects of the search.  I know that when Peter sends a candidate to us, they are highly qualified candidates and appropriate for the position as well as for our company.  He really spends the time necessary to make the best match.  Typically he sends us one or two resumes and that is all that is required!  We know that they will be a good fit!”