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Why should you choose Selective Search to assist you with your staffing requirements? Simply put...because our experienced staff  employs a proven process that ensures a perfect placement for your position. In fact, we guarantee it!

Our comprehensive placement process  begins with an initial meeting with you to fully explore the needs of your company and the requirements of the position to be filled. We take the time to really get to know your company, your culture and how you define the best candidate for the position. If you’d like, we can work together outlining the job description & profiling the perfect candidate before we ever initiate the recruiting process. Our philosophy is that the best hiring decisions are based upon the facts rather than a “gut feeling”. Once we agree on the objectives of your search, we provide a written summary that will serve as our “road map” for evaluating potential candidates based on merit rather than emotions.

Selective Search is adept at finding those special candidates which you might never find on your own. We actively seek-out candidates that are presently working and successful in their jobs.  In most cases, these candidates are not actively pursuing a career change but they are motivated by specific challenges and opportunities.

When a potential candidate is identified, we conduct a stringent pre-qualification check which includes an in-depth initial interview. In addition to verification of education and employment, we thoroughly check references and performance reviews. We’ve worked with hundreds of IT hiring managers in Atlanta since 1989, so in many cases, we already know the references provided by the candidate. This allows us to get a truly accurate picture of the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses. We investigate any potential negative factors that may not be obvious but could prove critical in the future. When appropriate, we test candidates to ensure technical proficiency.

We go to these pre-qualification details for one simple reason:
Our reputation is at stake with every interview we arrange for you. So we take every possible step to ensure any candidate we recommend has the highest probability for a successful career with your company.

During the interview process, we stay continually involved, providing you  and the candidate with regular feedback, answers to questions or concerns, and any other assistance that is required to ensure a smooth interview process.

Now,  you’ve found the candidate you want. Since we know this candidate inside & out, we can work with you to structure the terms of an offer that we know will be favorably received. Then we’ll continue to work closely with the candidate during the critical resignation stage – when they are most likely to be distracted by the inevitable ...second-thoughts about making this change or possible counter-offers from their current employer.

O.K. So now we’ve located AND landed the perfect candidate for your position. What if something still goes wrong? Simple.  We guarantee all our placements. 100% for the first full year of employment. Here’s how it works: If for any reason a candidate resigns from your company or is terminated (excluding downsizing layoffs) within one year of employment, we will refill that position at no charge to you.

At Selective Search, our goal is to become a trusted and exclusive resource for all your IT staffing needs. Developing a long-term relationship with you allows us to fully understand your business objectives, anticipate your staffing requirements, and bring uniquely-suited candidates to the table.  As your IT staffing partner, we can also assist by performing salary surveys in your field, streamlining your hiring process, - even coaching less experienced supervisors on effective interviewing techniques.

Experienced placement staff. A proven process. A one-year, 100% guarantee.
It’s a formula for success that has allowed Selective Search to establish long-term relationships with some of the industry’s leading employers and most talented IT professionals. Call us so we can find the best for you!

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