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“Revenue Technologies has had the benefit of working with Selective Search for the several years.  In that period of time, our Company has grown from 20 to 38 employees and Selective Search has been a significant contributor during this growth phase.  Selective Search has successfully placed a variety of professionals with us in the areas of Project Management, Quality Assurance Management and Testing as well as Software Engineering/Development.  These employees have met or exceeded our expectations since they have joined our team.  The ability of Selective Search to rapidly deliver candidates of this caliber after understanding our requirements has been the key differentiator in their favor.  Finally, Selective Search has demonstrated a willingness and ability to partner with us in handling all of our recruiting and placement needs on an outsourcing basis.  I would recommend Selective Search to any IT oriented organization who needs to quickly find high quality technical employees in growing their businesses.”

Stanley Quinn
Director of Operations
Revenue Technologies

“Prior to meeting with Selective Search I had worked with many different search firms, but I never got this kind of service before!  I cannot say enough good things about Selective Search!  They came to my office, sat down with me and really learned about our company, culture and available positions.  They found the people with the skill set who matched our company culture.  Selective Search really looks out for candidates and companies so that everyone is happy.  I have been so impressed with the process.  We give them specifics on particular jobs and they land the right people.  By the time each candidate gets to our office they have been pre-qualified.  The first person who walks in our door for each job opening (from Selective Search) is perfect!”

Joan Rogers, Manager of User Support
Simmons Company

“I met Peter through an old colleague of mine and have worked with Selective Search to fill our company’s positions four times so far.  We prefer to work with one candidate at a time and Selective Search works to find us the most highly qualified candidate for the job.  The resumes they send us are most selective and we appreciate that.  Selective Search gives us the attention we want and they (the staff) are more personable than some of the other, larger firms.”

Hsi-Ming Lin, Senior Vice President
The Net Commerce Company

I trust Selective Search to find good people.  At my previous company, we used Selective Search to find consistently good managers.  Now I am hiring software developers, QA and documentation staff.  Peter (at Selective Search) continually brings well-qualified individuals to the interview process.  We know candidates through Selective Search will already be pre-qualified.  Selective Search interacts professionally and is prompt in returning voice mails and extremely efficient.”

Randy Stukes,
Director of Product Development
Navision, a leading online marketing company

“Peter (Selective Search) really knows his stuff and works hard to match the right candidates with the right companies.  He recently helped us fill a position that had been open for over a year with a candidate who is very likely to be one of the best people to work for our company.  Someone else from our company had interviewed this particular candidate first and didn’t feel he was the right match.  Peter completely understood the candidate, his needs, and our needs, and convinced me to talk with him.  It turns out that he is an ideal fit for our company.  In more than a year’s time we worked with seven recruiters trying to fill this position.  Other recruiters either gave up trying to help us or brought us numerous inappropriate candidates.  Peter worked closely with me and always presented us with the highest, most select candidates.  His actions back up his words.”

Kent Dilg, Infrastructure Manager
S.P. Richards

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