Selective Search Atlanta

Candidate: Our Process

At Selective Search, we really take the time to get to know you and understand your definition of the best career opportunity.  Our detailed approach includes the process outlined below:

1.   Initial meeting. 
A clear understanding of your goals is our first priority.
We meet with you and talk about your career expectations and what is truly important to you.  Our goal is to help you achieve your short-term goals more quickly.  After our meeting we will then know what you want and use this information to find just the right position at the right company to meet these needs!

2.   Outlining the ideal position. 
A written summary keeps everyone on the right track.
After our initial meeting, we send a follow-up letter to confirm that we understand your needs.  This written summary prioritizes your key objectives and serves as a basis for identifying and evaluating new opportunities.  Our philosophy is that a career move should be a business decision based on facts rather than emotions.  Evaluating new opportunities against this summary helps you make business decisions at the emotional times that arise throughout the interview process.

3.   Finding your ideal position. 
Uncover “hidden” opportunities & get your approval to move forward.
We are particularly adept at finding opportunities in the “hidden market“ - companies that may not be advertising a position but typically seek out candidates with your unique skill set.  We will explore with you particular job opportunities at companies where you might enjoy a career.  Only after your approval, we then present your qualifications to these high caliber companies.

4.   Preparing for the interview. 
Preparation & planning are the keys to success.
Prior to the interview, we provide you with as much information as possible about the opportunity, the company’s hiring manager and the culture of the company.  We meet with prospective employers and get the “inside info” about each company so, together, we can develop an effective interview strategy.

5.   Post-interview discussions. 
Follow-up communication gets you the information you need.
After each interview, we’ll discuss your thoughts as well as share with you the company’s perception of you as a potential employee.  If you have questions, we will get them answered right away.  We make sure you have all the information you need to make the best decision.

6.   Pros and cons list.
Evaluate alternatives logically rather than emotionally.
Our team will put together a list of what we consider to be the pros and cons of each opportunity.  We’ll ask you to jot down your thoughts and then we’ll compare notes and put all issues on the table.  Together, we’ll prioritize the key issues utilizing the objectives you identified in our initial meeting.  Then, we‘ll decide whether or not to pursue a specific offer.  This process will help you make the best career decision.

7.   Receiving an offer. 
Meeting your financial needs through effective representation.
We’ll work together to define acceptable compensation and terms of employment.  Then Selective Search will work closely with the hiring manager to secure an offer that will meet your needs.

8. Resignation.
Manage your exit strategy without burning bridges.
There are certain tips for resigning from a job so you will leave on a positive note and we’ll help you through the resignation process including how to handle counter-offers with diplomacy.

9. Congratulations lunch!
Let’s do lunch & celebrate your new career move!