Selective Search Atlanta

Company: Our Process

We have developed a thorough eight-step process in helping companies find the perfect candidate for their position.

1.  Initial meeting. 
A clear understanding of your goals is our first priority.
We will first meet with you and key hiring managers to determine your objectives for the new position.  We ask in-depth questions to fully understand the needs of your company and skill requirements of the position and, most importantly, how you would define the ideal candidate.  Also, we provide you with an overview of our strategy for accomplishing these objectives.

2.  Job description. 
A written summary keeps everyone on the right track.
Following the first meeting, we summarize your objectives & requirements into a detailed job description.  This critical outline is sent to you for review and approval.  This very important document will become our “road map” for evaluating candidates based on their skills and ability to do the job while minimizing personality or other emotional factors.

3. The search
Finding candidates in the “hidden market” is the key.
In addition to locating qualified candidates actively exploring new opportunities, Selective Search is particularly adept at uncovering exceptional IT talent in the “hidden market” - those professionals which are at the top of their field and not currently pursuing a career change.

4.  The candidates. 
Pre-interview intelligence lands the best candidates.
Prior to the interview, we’ll discuss the candidate’s background and give our opinion on why they are a good fit.  Before ever meeting a candidate, you’ll know exactly what the candidate is looking for in a position and in a company.  This information allows you to personalize the interview and better “sell” the candidate based on their key needs. 

5.  Post-interview discussion.
Evaluate interview & explore next steps.
After the interview, we’ll share with you the candidate’s thoughts and perceptions about the opportunity.  If you have further questions we’ll get the answers and save you time by scheduling additional interviews as necessary.

6.  Develop an  offer.
Eliminate negotiating headaches with good information.
Since we work closely with each candidate, we know the employment terms they will accept and can work with you to put together the terms of a successful offer.  (If you would like, we can even assist you in drafting the letter.)

7.  Manage resignation & transition process. 
Our attention to detail seals the deal.
We stay in contact with the candidate even after the offer is accepted.  We will help them resign from their current position and work to minimize the risk factors of a counter-offer from their current employer.  We will then work closely with you and the candidate to ensure a smooth transition. 

8. The Best Results….guaranteed!
Our one-year,  100 percent guarantee  is simple:  If for any reason a candidate resigns from your company or is terminated (excluding downsizing layoffs) within one year of employment, we will refill that position at no charge to you.